[zilla_toggle title=”1. If I write to the children will I receive a response from them or their parents?” state=”closed”]

If you enclose your postal or email address you may receive a response but it won’t always happen. These families spend a lot of their time in hospitals. Some children receive many letters and responding to all of them may not be possible. Moreover, responding to all letters and postcards is rather expensive and for these families every penny counts. You can contact the children and their parents via our website. Comments can be left on the children’s profiles and this is also a great way of contacting the children.


[zilla_toggle title=”2. I don’t know if my letter arrived…” state=”closed”]

There may be a few reasons if you haven’t received any confirmation that your letter was delivered. The easiest way to find out would be to post a comment on a child’s profile. If your parcel is very important and you need to quickly find out what happened with it please contact us directly.


[zilla_toggle title=”3. Can I also send gifts?” state=”closed”]

If you feel like it, you can. Some people hand make their gifts, i.e. knit or sew them. You can read about children’s hobbies in their profiles and this will help you decide what kind of a gift would be the most appropriate.


[zilla_toggle title=”4. How to check if children’s details are credible?” state=”closed”]

We check the credibility by asking the parents to provide medical records and other documentation. Most of the children are already helped by other charities so we also check their families’ details with them.


[zilla_toggle title=”5. Can I copy the pictures and children’s details and put them onto my website?” state=”closed”]

Better not, especially the postal addresses should not be copied and shown elsewhere. We’d be happy however if you could link to our website or write about us on your blog. The profiles can also be printed and distributed at your school, university or workplace.


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