Aleksandra Mysliwiec

Olinek Mukolinek – this is how her friends caressingly call her – is struggling with an incurable disease, which is cystic fibrosis. Despite the fact that Ola is only six years old, she is afraid of loneliness which would be caused by her deteriorating health condition. We hope that, thanks to you all of you, Ola from Opole will have many friends.

Aleksandra Myśliwiec
ul. 1 Maja 56/6
45-357 Opole

Child’s name:

Aleksandra Myśliwiec

Date of birth:

7 years old, born on 19th July 2005


Cystic fibrosis


Drawing, writing, tennis, basketball, cycling, Barbie dolls…


Joanna and Adam


Sister Ala

Ola is a very cheerful, happy and well-behaved child. We learned about her illness in February 2008. Our daughter suffers from very severe, genetic, chronic disease – cystic fibrosis. The history of her illness began with her birth – prolonged jaundice, clogged tear ducts. Around ninth month of her life she started having problems with digestion, eating, defecation. So we had been running with her from gastroenterologist to allergist. Finally, we had been referred to the Ward of Gastroenterology in Wroclaw’s hospital. She was diagnosed there with pathological reflux, doctor prescribed medications and our daughter was sent home. After two weeks she began to cough strangely. The doctor said that he had hoped we would not come back with this problem and he asked us to come again. Then the doctors carried out first chloride test and another. Finally, we entered the Institute of Mother and Child in Warszawa, where we heard the diagnosis – cystic fybrosis.

Currently, three times a day, our daughter is subjected to inhalations, drainages, she takes also vitamins necessary for her proper functioning. Ola attends school, but due to her health condition we don’t know how long it will be still possible.

Since little Ola went to school, she is practicing writing and she enjoys to write letters, postcards. Ola begins to ask us about her illness. She ask whether she will be alone in our house or if she will have friends. This is the reason why I decided to submit her to this wonderful project, to never let her feel lonely.

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