Dominik is 9 years old and he has a malignant cancer. Over the past two years, Dominic has undergone a lot of hard times. However he has remained a happy boy. Dominik, however, lacks contact with others. The boy has no friends and no one visits him at home which he cannot leave. Dominik is suffering because of that. We hope that thanks to MP the situation will change and Dominik will win many friends..

Dominik Młynkowiak
ul. Poznańska 15/2
64-200 Wolsztyn

Child’s name:

Dominik Młynkowiak

Age / date of birth:

11 years old, born on 23rd July 2002


Malignant neuroblastoma with metastases to bone, bone marrow, meninges, and lymph nodes.


Dominik is interested in sports and he is a fan of Lech Poznan. Although the disease he is very cheerful, lively and loves playing outside, playing football and cycling, but the disease limits these activities to a great extent. He loves playing the computer and watching interesting movies.


Malgorzata and Zbigniew.


Brother Korneliusz, 13 years old, also a fan of Lech Poznan.

Dominik has been ill since 2009. The disease began with pain in the joints. Our son has undergone some major surgeries, skull trepanation and a surgery to remove a tumor in the mediastinum. He has experienced a few chemotherapies, radiotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. He is in the process of maintenance chemotherapy, and the disease has been stopped as for now. As a result of the treatment, Dominik has partly lost his hearing. He went through a lot, as for his age he is very mature, he understands a lot of things, it’s hard to deceive him. In spite of all, he is full of joy, and he keeps me in spirit when I have no strength.

What Dominik misses most are some friends because he has not attended school for the last two years and he has no contact with his peers. He suffers because of this. He dreams of returning to school, but it is impossible at present. Dominik would like to live normally like other children, I try to make it possible as much as I can, but it is very difficult.

I am signing Dominik up for Dream Post because due to the disease he has no contact with children, and he misses it a lot. The longer my son is suffering the fewer friends he has. In fact, he does not have them at all and I do not remember the last time someone visited him.