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Seven-year-old Dominika suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which effectively reduces girl’s contact with her peers. One of the girl’s dreams was to become part of the Dream Post, which today comes true. The rest is now in your hands!!

Dominika Gadzińska
ul. Poznańska 96
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Child’s name:

Dominika Gadzińska


7 years old, born on 6th October 2005


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Litte Dominika is interested in dance, music, drawing, enjoys watching cartoons and films for children, she likes to sing and play computer games.


Beata and Mirosław.


Brother Mateusz, 18 years old

Dominika was born as a healthy baby. At the age of four she went to kindergarten. Unfortunately, in October, she began to get sick and her health condition was deteriorating constantly. It was the reason why she started to leave the class. She really longed for kindergarten, her friends and ladies who liked Dominika very much. In December little Dominika was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It sounded like a sentence.

Since then, Dominika’s life and the life of our whole family turned upside down. Nearly eight months of hospital treatment, vomiting, diarrhea, pneumonia and bronchitis, elevated liver tests etc. Later the supporting care and continuous complications. Currently, Dominika takes a lot of medicine, has elevated TSH and is forced to take hormones, allergy medications. Due to her poor immunity, she catches infections easily. She is taking individual tuitions and she is yearning for learning and playing with other children.

I think that the Dream Post is a fulfillment of one of Dominika’s dreams. Some time ago Dominika was sending her drawings to her friend from the ward and she was sending her back her own, she was really happy. But unfortunately their contact had finished, because her friend went back to school and didn’t have much time. I sign Dominika to the Dream Post because I know how much happiness it will bring her!

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4 lat temu

Współczuję tobie Dominiko przykro z powodu twojej choroby.
Ale będzie dobrze niemart się. 🙂
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