Filip Nawrocki

Filip is a big fan of dinosaurs, who stubbornly overcomes hardships. The first years of his life he spent in hospitals and orphanages. The boy found a loving family, but still faces many health problems such as paralysis and vision problems, currently he is being examined by doctors towards autism. Filip’s parents believe that the Dream Post will give him faith in himself, in his own abilities and help find friends who he needs so much. We count on you!

Filip Nawrocki
Jenkowice 76
56-400 Oleśnica

Child’s name:

Filip Nawrocki


6 years old, born on 11th June 2007


FAS – fetal alcohol syndrome, amblyopia, muscles flaccidity, deep sensory disturbances, left-sided hemiparesis, currently is being examined towards autism.


Filip is a fan of dinosaurs, dragons, amphibians and reptiles. He has quite a large collection of figurines and books about dinosaurs, in his spare time he likes to go through them and asks others to read them for him.


Janette and Artur


Older brother Kuba, younger sister Lena.

Filip is with us since June 2009. The first two years of his life he spent in hospitals and orphanages, there is where we found our “little treasure”. He was born prematurely on 11th of June 2007 with low birth weight, respiratory problems and 5 Apgar score points. Since when he is with us, our days are filled with rehabilitation. We use the help of speech therapists, psychologists, educators, therapists and physiotherapists..

Filip is struggling with muscle flaccidity, large underweight, right hand disability as a result of the adhesion of radial and elbow bone, left-sided hemiparesis and deep sensory disturbances. In 2010 he underwent strabismus surgery of his right eye. Unfortunately, despite exercises and supervision of specialists, eyes condition worsens, he also currently wears glasses due to amblyopia.

Filip’s main problem is FAS – fetal alcohol syndrome. We know that this is an incurable disease and its symptoms vary and appear in different periods of life. Though we believe that through persistent work, rehabilitation, and love we are able to reduce its effects. Thanks to that Filip will be able to function better in the world that surrounds him.

Why the Dream Post? Because we believe that it’s worth to have dreams and wait for them to come true. We are convinced that through Dream Post Filip will find friends who we needs and that with their help his faith in himself and his own abilities will grow stronger. This support will give him the strength to continue fighting.

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Życzę Ci dużo szczęścia i zdrowia oraz spełnienia marzeń 😉 😀
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