Jakub is an energetic boy who is curious about the world. He was born with a rare and sporadic genetic disease – the Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Due to the illness, his rehabilitation takes him six days a week. In this demanding schedule, he could use a bit of joy, in particular due to the fact that he loves looking out for the postman.

Jakub Popko
ul. Zielińskiego 30a/1
53-534 Wrocław

Child’s name:

Jakub Popko

Age / date of birth:

9 years old, born on 12th November 2005


Klinefelter’s syndrome, epilepsy, psychomotor development disorder.


Jakub loves toy cars and he already has a small collection of them, and Scooby-Doo is his favorite fairy tale hero. He also likes puzzles and he is interested in motoring, football and playing board games. Jakub’s dreamsare: a trip to the mountains, a motorcycle ride and a balloon flight.


Joanna and Grzegorz.



Our son was born in the 43rd week of pregnancy. Unfortunately, he had brain hypoxia. In the first month of life Jakub was diagnosed with epilepsy. In time, when he has grown up, more problems appeared, namely the psychomotor development disorder, delayed speech, stuttering. In November last year, a neurologist recommended making some genetic examinations. The diagnosis was clear – Klinefelter’s syndrome – a rare sporadic genetic disease.

Jakub is systematically rehabilitated. We use the help of a speech therapist, psychologist, educator, class therapy, sensory integration therapy, physical therapy, hippotherapy and swimming pool activities. Our son is making progress, but sometimes it’s a step forward, followed by two steps back. We believe that through intensive rehabilitation he will be fine. After all, Jakub is a very cheerful, happy boy, full of energy and curiosity with which he infects everybody around him.

Why Dream Post? It’s simple: to be able to look at Jakub’s happy smiling face.

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