Julia Mielnicka


Julia is a ward of Koszalin’s Hospice for Children with a branch in Szczecin. In spite of the disease she remains very cheerful and happy child. She often asks her mother if there came any letters and when she hears a negative answer she says “Nobody loves us”. I hope that soon Julia will be loaded with your mails and she will become more joyful then ever!

Julia Mielnicka
ul. Zubrzyckiego 1b/1
75-333 Koszalin

Child’s name:

Julia Mielnicka

Age / date of birth:

10 years old, born on 13th January 2004


Cystic fibrosis


Hello Kitty


Marlena and Bartlomiej.


Sister Olimpia.

Julia was born on January 13th 2004 in Koszalin’s Provincial Hospital. As the infant she was growing properly without any health concerns. When she was 4-month-old we needed to take her to Koszalin’s hospital due to worsening of her health condition. Initial suspicions were about the urinary track infection. However, increasing swellings of face and limbs, constant drowsiness and other symptoms leaded us to more complex medical examination. The results showed septic condition (infection with cytomegalovirus), blood glucose fluctuations, bradycardia with low blood pressure and hypothyroidism.

Julia in critical condition was taken to hospital in Szczecin. Doctors had been fighting for Julia’s life for over 4 weeks. Genetic tests confirmed the suspicions of doctors – Julia is suffering from an incurable disease – cystic fibrosis. Since then we struggle to lengthen our daughter’s life. We need to devote a significant part of every day time for all the necessary procedures of Julia’s therapy.

In spite of everything, Julia is still a very joyful and happy child. In her everyday life she applies the Coelho’s principle – she is happy for no reason, always busy with something and she always fights for her desires. She is trying to take from each day all the best – the joy of life. Julia remains under care of Matio Families and Cystic Fibrosis Patients Aid Foundation, as well as the Koszalin’s Hospice for Children with a branch in Szczecin.

Julia loves to receive letters, this ones coming to our guestbook on Dream Post website as well as this traditional ones. Whenever I get down to our mailbox, Julia asks: „Mom, was there any letter?”. If I’m saying: „No”, she answers: “Nobody loves us”.

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