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Julia is under medical care of Pomorskie Hospice for children. She was diagnosed with multisystem mitochondrial cytopathy. In spite of this terminal illness, Julia tries to enjoy her life, which is the reason why her friends use to call her “Great Warrior”. Because of many diseases, girl’s contact with other children is limited. That is why each letter she is going to receive will give her a great happiness.

Julia Skonieczek
Wandowo 38a
82-520 Gardeja

Child’s name:

Julia Skonieczek

Age / date of birth:

8 years old, born on 22th December 2004


Mitochondrial Cytopathy


Julia loves to play she is a princess, play computer games and watch cartoons.


Lucyna and Piotr.


Brother Łukasz (14) and Szymon (12).

Although Julia was born as a health child, her health problems started In the first month of her life. She was vomiting a lot and frequently falling for pneumonia. In the third month of her life she started getting strong fits, and it was the beginning of visiting doctors. Firstly they diagnosed her with epilepsy, asthma, reflux and diabetes. But it was only the last year that her health condition had deteriorated. She was send to Warsaw’s hospital ward where finally she was diagnosed with multisystem mitochondrial cytopathy. Her condition becomes worse with alarming rapidity.

Since January 2012 Julia is not walking, she undergone several septic infections. She also is not receiving meals orally, she is fed by a feeding pump. Presently she is under medical care of Pomorskie Hospice for children in Gdansk. In spite of her medical condition, Julia loves to laugh and sing. We do not know how much time is left for us, but we are sure that when only Julia is having better day, we must spend it by giving her as much fun as possible. So we do together some crazy things – we stroll, we drive to city center. We hope for having more beautiful moments together. Our family motto is “Live your life like there is no tomorrow”.

Julia loves to get letters and postcards. She longs for contact with other people, this is why I want her to join Dream Post. I simply wish to see even bigger smile on her face!

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