Kacper Pietrzyk

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Kacper is a ward of the Children’s Hospice in Łódź. Although the boy has problems with muscles, he is not able to walk and a respirator helps him breathing, he is doing great. He became a student of the first grade of primary school in September 2014. Kacper’s biggest dream is that one day he will recover and be able to run. Your encouraging words for sure will maximize his motivation to continue exercising!

Kacper Pietrzyk
ul. Ziemowita 7/2
92-413 Łódź

Child’s name:

Kacper Pietrzyk


6 years old, born on 26th February 2008


Floppy baby syndrome


Building blocks, board games, toy cars, puzzles, playing car racing and football on the Xbox.


Katarzyna and Andrzej


Older brother Bartek

My name is Kacper. I was born on 26th of February 2008 as a healthy little boy. I weighed 3.750 kg, and measured 56 cm. I scored maximal 10 Apgar scores. I developed properly, I had no health problems. Till six weeks of age all was well until my physical development alarmed my parents. I began to have problems with my little hands, and more specifically with muscles. We do not know the exact reasons, but the impact had probably the vaccination that I had received. Over time, I still could not hold my head, although I was about three months old. Therefore, my parents enrolled me to a rehabilitation, which in some way helped me, but did not give 100% results. Nobody had thought that this is just the beginning of my battle with the disease.

It was October evening and I was seven months old, when I first came to the hospital with breathing difficulties. I stayed in the hospital for observation and they put an oxygen mask on my face. The deterioration of my health condition occurred the next morning and I was then connected to the respirator for the following five days. I spent 10 days in the hospital room and by then my breathing difficulties disappeared. Doctors came with the diagnosis that I had Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which was the cause of my condition. My parents had been recommended to subject me to home inhalations.

After returning home, my physical development just stopped. Still I could not keep my head, my hands were becoming numb, I was not able to sit or crawl. We went to rehabilitation, which gave poor results. It’s been another two months. My parents thought that I would get over this, it could not be anything serious. I was born as a healthy baby, why would I so suddenly become so sick?

On 7th December I stopped breathing again. Parents immediately drove me to the hospital, where doctors connected me to respirator. My first Christmas and New Year’s Eve I spent in the hospital. In January 2009, doctors connected me to PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) through which I have been fed to the present day. So the days passed, weeks. In mid-March I underwent tracheostomy procedure. My parents managed to rent a respirator from Children’s Hospice in Łódź, so that I could finally get back home. On March 31st 2009 stood my house finally open to me. I was the happiest kid in the world! I also became a ward of Children’s Hospice in Łódź. Doctors, nurses and staff of the institution visit me in my house and control my health to this day.

Currently I am 6 years old and I still do not breathe, my vitality is supported by the respirator. I am subjected to house rehabilitations that give positive results. I can already move my arms and legs. I’m playing with toys, building blocks and painting with crayons. I can speak and I am doing it quite smoothly. Since September 2014 I am a student of the first grade in the Primary School nr 205 in Łódź. I really hope that one day I will finally recover. I want to feel what it’s like to walk, to run, to play soccer with my dad, to go shopping with my mother and play with my brother. There will be a day that I will stand on my own. I will be practicing and practicing and I will try to live alone on my own. That’s my biggest dream!

Kacper loves to get postcards and letters. In his eyes we can see the reflection of a great joy as he ask us to read their contents over and over again.

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