Kacper Wójcik


In December 2011, just before Christmas Kacper was diagnosed with leukemia. Currently the boy is subjected to chemotherapy which is expected to last 74 weeks. Unfortunately, due to the state of his health, treatment extends which keeps Kacper back from attending his school, and so he suffers from a lack of a company. Just as the boy’s mother, we believe that your letters and postcards can work wonders, and Kacper will find here true friends.

Kacper Wójcik
Czółna 56
24-220 Niedrzwica Duża

Child’s name:

Kacper Wójcik


7 years old, born on 15th March 2006


ALL – Acute lymphoblastic leukemia


He loves to play Lego, computer and console games. He likes to listen to the tale of Lightning McQueen – he collects various items related to this car.


Marzena, Sławomir.



Kacper was born on March 15, 2006 as a healthy baby. We found out that the boy is suffering from leukemia in December 2011, just before the Christmas. During the first treatment, which lasted three months, due to strong chemotherapy, Kacper had a problem with walking, his legs ached, and when he walked he unwittingly fell. Since then our and Kacper’s life turned upside down. Hospital stays, frequent infections, increased liver function test results or lowered immunity: all that caused that our son’s contact with other children became very limited. His hospital treatment ended in May 2012.

At the moment Kacper takes oral chemotherapy medications at home. Unfortunately, due to lowered immunity, our son catches infections, which interrupts treatment and extends it. The length of the chemotherapy is scheduled for 74 weeks. Due to the boy’s health state, he is not attending his school but he hopes that with Dream Post he will find friends who in his daily life he has so little.

I believe that Dream Post will brighten my child’s life. Big words of appreciation for the people who want to help ill children.

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