As of today you can also write to Kasia Krupa. She is a very brave little girl. To find out more read her profile below.

Kasia Krupa
ul. Wierzbowa 5c
07-415 Olszewo Borki

Child’s name:

Katarzyna Krupa

Age / date of birth:

13 years old, born on 20th June 2000


Myelomeningocele, neurogenic bladder, hydrocephalus, paraparesis, hip dysplasia, clubfoot.


Kasia loves the Mini-Mini channel. She is also interested in photography.


Emilia and Grzegorz.



Kasia has been undergoing treatment from the day she was born. She underwent numerous operations, including life-saving ones and so far was hospitalised 36 times. Despite all this Kasia is a very bubbly and happy little girl, who loves receiving letters.

Kasia is learning to walk and that’s her biggest issue at the moment. Despite problems with bending her knees she’s getting better in walking with a Zimmer frame. When she struggles to walk she cries: ‘I can’t! I can’t!’. In order to make her life easier Kasia needs further and intensive physiotherapy, which we are trying to provide to make sure that her biggest dream comes true and she starts walking without any walking aids.

Kasia treats every letter as a big surprise. She likes receiving post that’s why we are very happy that she has joined Dream Post.