Ill childrenKrystian Greneczko

Krystian is a boy that is full of life and who constantly asks thousands of questions. He is in a wheelchair because of a myelomeningocele. He uses his energy by taking part in sport contests for disabled, he also likes puzzles, and is interested in dinosaurs. Krystian can’t wait to get to know new friends, so we encourage you to start writing your letters right now!

Krystian Greneczko
Zabłotce 7
37-550 Radymno

Child’s name:

Krystian Greneczko


6 years old, born on 16th October 2007


Myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus, paraparesis.


He likes animals, nature, watching cartoons, dinosaurs and puzzles. Collects teddy bears.


Mother Agnieszka



Krystian was born on 16 October 2007 with myelomeningocele. After birth he laid several weeks in the hospital. He has gone through many operations, during his short life, including closing hernia, shunting, foot correction and hip surgery.

Krystian is currently under the care of a surgeon, a neurologist, an orthopedist, an urologist, an ophthalmologist, a speech therapist and a psychologist. He is extensively rehabilitated every day in order to be able to live independently in the future. Currently Krystian is in a wheelchair, attends his school and is liked by his schoolmates. He loves animals and nature. He enjoys to help his mother with household cleaning and cooking. In his spare time, if he has any, he adores to watch cartoons, paint, play with puzzles, play soccer with his friends or just take a walk. Despite the illness he is a cheerful kid, curious about the surrounding world.

When I found out about the Dream Post, I thought that my son would love to become a part of it. Thanks to you he will make many new friends and get lots of colorful postcards, which will definitely cheer him up.

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