Eleven-year-old Krzysztof, who was born with myelomeningocele, is a big fan of wheelchair races and fishing. A few weeks ago he underwent a serious operation, after which awaits him long and arduous rehabilitation. What’s more, by the end of the year Krzysztof is going to have tuition, which will limit his contact with his friends from school. In this difficult time your support will be invaluable and motivating.

Krzyś Majka
ul. Dębicka 252
35-213 Rzeszów

Child’s name:

Krzysztof Majka

Age / date of birth:

11 years old, born on 27th April 2003


Meningomyelocele, hydrocephalus, paraparesis.


Fishing, animals, nature, dinosaurs, mathematics, he loves to carry out experiments.


Anna, Marcin.


Two sisters: 6 years old Kasia and 1 year old Karolinka.

Krzysztof was born on April 27, 2003 with myelomeningocele open in the lumbar-sacral, a serious drawback of the nervous system that caused hydrocephalus and paralysis of the lower limbs. In his short existence he had already undergone five serious operations (hernia closure, assumptions shunt, correction feet, knees and correction hip surgery). But it is still not all, as Krzysztof will have to visit hospital to have another operations in the future.

From his birth, Krzysztof is undergoing intensive rehabilitation which consist mainly of daily exercises and massages. In March this year Krzysztof had gone through a complicated hip surgery, after which he continues spending seven weeks in a cast from the waist down. All the time he is just laying in bed, but he bears it bravely. There is going to be a hard work for him to recover after finally plaster cast will be taken – exercises, massages and orthostatic. We hope that his effort will not be wasted and that after receiving the proper support – in the form of prosthesis – he will continue to walk with the walker and then we will try to teach him to walk with crutches.

While the other healthy children are playing in the school, Krzysztof bravely goes to rehab. He adores being at school and he has there many friends. When he is sick, he feels bored and cannot wait till he will be back at school. During his free time he plays PS3 or on the computer, he likes to play cards, board games, watch TV. He loves to accompany his dad during their manly fishing trips and he enjoys catching fish. He also takes part in racing wheelchair competitions organized by FAR and he cannot wait for the next one. Despite the disease he is a cheerful, playful, talkative boy who always smile and is curious about the world around.

When we first learned about the Dream Post immediately we decided that we want Krzysztof to be a part of it. He has always been happy to receive letters or postcards. The same time an empty post box was always a reason for his sadness. We hope that thanks to the Dream Post Krzysztof will get to know a lot of new people and make new friends.

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