Kuba Chrabanski

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Kuba is 6 years old and he is a very brave boy, who in his short life has undergone a series of 14 chemotherapy blocks. Kuba’s disease makes it impossible for him to go to kindergarten, so he longs for contact with other children. Your letters and cards will certainly help him to overcome loneliness.

Kuba Chrabański
oś. Bratkowice 18/31
99-400 Łowicz

Child’s name:

Kuba Chrabański

Age / date of birth:

6 years old, born 6th August 2006


Brain tumor, paralysis on the left side of the body and a serious eye problem as a consequence of tumor compression.


Kuba loves cartoons such as Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Elmo. He likes making plasticine figures, reading fairy tales and playing with building blocks. He loves stuffed animals.


Maria and Robert.



Kuba has undergone a series of 14 chemotherapy blocks; he has spent a number of weeks at the Department of Oncology in Warsaw and many weeks fighting for his life.

Tumor compression caused paralysis of his left hand and feet and severe vision problems. Kuba’s life depends on continuous rehabilitation, vision therapy, visits to the oncology department and examinations.

Kuba longs for a normal life, full of joy and carefree fun. Our little boy dreams about living a normal life, going to kindergarten and playing with peers. It’s so mundane, but for Kuba it is impossible at the moment.

The tumor decreased, but it has not been removed completely. Any time there may be recurrence and another time of struggle, sacrifice, tears. Kuba lives on a bomb that can explode any minute. When the sun rises and another day comes, I thank everyone who contributed to the situation that Kuba wakes up next to us, that he smiles, hugs me, says “I love you mommy the most in the whole world”. In such moments I do not think about the future, but I thank for what I have.

Kuba żyje na bombie, która wybuchnie albo nie. Kiedy wstaje słońce i nadchodzi kolejny dzień, dziękujemy wszystkim, którzy się do tego przyczynili, że Kuba budzi się obok nas, że jest, uśmiecha się, przytula do mnie mówiąc mamusiu kocham cię najbardziej na świecie, wtedy nie myślę o tym, co będzie tylko dziękuję za to, co mam.

Kuba has never gone to kindergarten, because as a child treated with chemotherapy his immune system was weak. Chemotherapy is a strong interference in the body. This little boy longs for other children, does not really understand why it has to be this way and his only contact is with his peers in the hospital’s oncology television room – he loved being there and playing with other kids. Letters from “MP” may trigger a smile on his face.

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