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Say hello to Kuba! Before joining Dream Post Kuba himself wrote to ill children. Now he’s waiting for your letters and postcards. He’s a joyful and curious little bloke who will repay your letters with a great smile. Kuba’s profile written by his mum can be found below.

Kuba Ostasz
ul. Sadowa 4/7
22-678 Ulhówek

Child’s name:

Kuba Ostasz

Age / date of birth:

12 years, born on 31st October 2002


Myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus, paraparesis, congenital hip dislocation.


Kuba likes DIY and board game and is an ultimate Spiderman fan. He also likes watching ‘Galileo’ and ‘How it’s made’. He enjoys listening to Feel’s music (a Polish band) and loves animals. He is a great swimmer and he’s taking part in wheelchair racing. He loves animals. Thanks to MP he is constanly reading more and more.


Ewa and Sylwester.


Kasia, 16 years old. Kasia likes handcrafting and board games. She’s also interested in wildlife.

Kuba was born on 31st October 2002 and was soon diagnosed with Myelomeningocele, which resulted in many problems including paraparesis, hip dislocation, hydrocephalus, esotropia and neurogenic bladder. During the first eight months of his life Kuba was operated seven times. He also had blood poisoning and meningitis twice. In the future Kuba will need complicated feet and hip surgery.

Kuba undergoes constant physiotherapy, which is very effective. He’s doing very well with the crutches even though they require a very hard work.

Our son goes to primary school in Ulhowek and he’s currently in year 1. He’s doing very well and has got many friends. The principal and the teachers help us a lot. We are very grateful for this help as we know that a disabled child needs more attention. Kuba’s life is not easy. He does hours of physio and has to do his homework in the afternoons but he doesn’t complain. He knows that it’s the only way to improve his walking. Our physiotherapists compliment Kuba because he never moans or complains even when he’s really tired. He knows that physio makes him stronger. Like any child Kuba has bad days and can be naughty and rebellious but generally he is a smiley and curious little boy. We are proud of him and admire his successes, no matter how small. We try to teach him to respect other people but we also want others to treat him with respect he deserves..

When I first heard about Dream Post I wondered how nice it must feel to receive a surprise postcard from someone you don’t know and how much Kuba would enjoy receiving correspondence. Nowadays letters are replaced by text messages and emails therefore this campaign is really precious. Thank you for letting us join the Dream Post.

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