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Maciek has been struggling with leukemia for almost half of his life. The disease, unfortunately, has not given up and some time ago it attacked again. At this time, Maciek is 13 years old and receives maintenance chemotherapy. Due to his health condition, Maciek spends much time at home and hopes that thanks to Dream Post he will find friends whom he misses so much…

Maciej Maciejewski
Pospólno 5
62-420 Strzałkowo

Child’s name:

Maciej Jeremiasz Maciejewski

Age / date of birth:

13 years old, born on 4th September 1998


Recurrence of lymphoblastic leukemia


Computer games, he loves listening to audiobooks, The Witcher has amazed him recently, he likes trampolining, watching nature and cooking series and he is a fan of WWE.


Maria and Waldemar


Szymon 15 years old, Zuzia 9 years old.

Maciej has been ill since 2005. The disease started innocently from common cold. He’s had strong chemotherapy. He went back to the fourth grade. It was really hard, but he managed very well. Contact with his colleagues was the most important for him.

Unfortunately, the disease has returned. This time he has had another chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well. Currently, he is having maintenance chemotherapy and the disease has been stopped. Will we succeed this time?

Maciej learns at home. He misses his friends. He would like to return to normality.

I have learned about Marzycielska Poczta from Małgorzata Młynkowiak. I see how much joy it gives to Dominic. For us, mothers of sick children, there is nothing more precious than the smile of a child. I hope that thanks to the MP, Maciek will also feel happy.

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