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Although he does not hear anything, he loves music and playing musical instruments. Let’s meet Maciek, clever and energetic eleven-year-old boy, who wants to explore the world with all the sounds that surround him. You can send him a postcard for the address given in the following profile.

Maciej Oświeciński
Czechowizna 75
19-120 Knyszyn

Child’s name:

Maciej Oświeciński

Age / date of birth:

11 years old, born on 12th January 2003


Bilateral degenerative-nervous hearing loss.


Like every boy he loves cars, football, LEGO block structures. He also likes to play musical instruments, reading books and watching cartoons. He dreams about seeing mountains and sea.


Mum Agnieszka.



I am a mother of a premature baby. Maciek was born at 28 week of my pregnancy in the intrauterine asphyxia. It was a high-risk pregnancy. The three previous pregnancies did not finish well. Maybe someone will think „Why did she decide to have this fourth one?” Because every woman wants to be the mother. Every woman needs to hear somebody calls her „my mom”. Maciek after birth received 2 points in the Apgar scale. After long treatment in the hospital, doctors found out that he cannot hear and he requires long-term rehabilitation.

Currently he attends this therapy three times a week. My son is a happy, full of energy boy. He loves his classmates from the kindergarten, clings to the children, but they cannot always understand each other, as Maciek is deaf and phonetically he speaks not properly. He loves the music and musical instruments, so I take him often to concert halls. The fight for his life lasted long. Without him my world would be empty.

Exhausting, long – term rehabilitation is bringing increasing hope that Maciek will have a chance to speak, that he will get a chance to live in the world of hearing people, that he will discover all the world’s sounds.

I am very glad that Maciek joined Dream Post. Maciek loves to receive letters and postcards. He is so proud while getting them, it gives him the motivation to learn how to read. Thank you for giving us this chance and an extra motivation for our son.

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Macius, jeszcze raz Wszystkiego Najlepszego ! Buziaczki :))
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