Maciej Panczyk

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Maciej loves receiving letters but due to his vision impairment he can’t read texts of regular size, therefore please write neatly and use bigger than usual font when writing to him. Below you can read Maciek’s profile written by his mum.

Maciej Pańczyk
ul. Hlonda 18/3
41-933 Bytom

Child’s name:

Maciej Pańczyk

Age / date of birth:

13 years old, born on 9th December 1999


Cerebral Palsy


Computers, Internet, TV (mainly educational programmes), cars, fishing, learning English. Maciej recently found a new passion: he collects the stamps from the postcards he receives. His collection is already quite impressive.


Malgorzata and Grzegorz.


Marek Panczyk, 3 years old. Marek likes jigsaws, building brick games and books. He also loves cars of any type.

When Maciej was born, on 9th December 1999, he was very tiny. A few days later he suffered a brain hemorrhage which caused Cerebral Palsy. He was diagnosed very quickly, which allowed for physiotherapy to start when he was just 2 months old. The results of this treatment have surprised the doctors but we’re told that only further and extensive physiotherapy will make Maciej’s biggest dream come true – he will start walking. He’s very close to it.

So far Maciej has gone through many stages of physio and he’s achieved a lot. He can crawl, but also use a wheelchair or crutches. He can walk down the stairs holding on to the banisters. His mental development is slowed but Maciek goes to school and is currently in Year 3. He can read but sometimes gets confused with longer or more difficult words. He can type basic sentences on the computer.

Due to his vision impairment Maciek struggles to read regular size font despite wearing glasses. Everything has to be enlarged for him. Since May 2007 Maciej has got a little brother. He’s very happy when he can look after him and play with him. The boys are very close and having a younger brother seems to motivate Maciek and have a positive impact on his development.

The idea to take part in Dream Post was very appealing but it took us a while to actually give it a go. When Maciej heard that he might be receiving some mail, he was over the moon.

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