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For 7-year-old Maksymilian hospital is a second home. Max has been struggling with a rare genetic disease which attacks his liver and disrupting his lungs since the first weeks of his life (the little boy has been down with pneumonia 11 times). The constant struggle with the disease makes Maksymilian very sad. He does not have many causes for joy. As always, your support and your packages will prove an invaluable aid for the boy and his family.

Maksymilian Trepanowski
ul. Długa 61
18-312 Rutki

Child’s name:

Maksymilian Trepanowski

Age / date of birth:

7 years old, born on 13th October 2006


Selective deficiency of IgG subclass immunoglobulin – a genetic disease.


Maksymilian loves tractors, excavators, animals. He likes Bob the Builder and the Curious George. He also enjoys cycling and art classes.


Mum Barbara.


Patrycja 15 years old, likes music.

When Max was 5 weeks old he went down with pneumonia for the first time. To make things even worse, he had staphylococcus. He was taken to hospital, which from that moment has become his second home. For the first three years he lived with a wrong diagnosis, which was alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. After thorough research, it turned out that our son suffers from a rare genetic disorder – Selective deficiency of G subclasses (IgG). His liver produces too little enzyme that is responsible for a proper functioning of lungs and damages the liver. Due to frequent pneumonia – so far Max has been down with eleven – he needs continuous rehabilitation. Maximilian regularly every 28 days goes to hospital for a transfusion of immunoglobulin. Although it is sometimes difficult, we fight for the smile on our boy’s face with all we have got.

We welcome “Dream Post”. I hope the letters and cards which Max will get will brighten our lives at least a little bit.

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