Martyna Karbowska

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Martynka was born with large articular osteochondral defects, which limit her independence. Despite her disability she is still a joyful and full of passions child. She reads, draws and last few years she has been collecting postcards. Your letters surely will make this girl happy and will give her strenght to fight the hardships of everyday, harsh rehabilitation.

Martyna Karbowska
ul. Nowa 13
87-300 Brodnica

Child’s name:

Martyna Karbowska

Age / date of birth:

9 years old, born on 28th February 2003


Large articular osteochondral defects


Martynka enjoys reading, drawing and she collects Monster High toys.


Mum Aneta


One sister – Roksana.

Martynka is nine years old and she attends second class of Primary School in Brodnica. Despite her disorders, which limit her development and independence, she is still a nice, warm and brave little girl.

Martynka was born with large articular osteochondral defects, which include such disorders as: congenital absence of lower limbs, congenital absence of the elbows’ joints. She always expresses a large need for activity. Because of physical limitations she uses her arms to move, which leads to permanent overloads and it is damaging her wrists’ joints. Martynka requires permanent rehabilitation and long stays at the hospital. Despite all orthopedic and cardiac surgeries, my daughter still enjoys her life and she desires to walk, run and dance just like her peers. As the closest person in her life, I do my best to never let her lose the desire to live. I dream that one day she will be able to live independetly.
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