Mateusz Skoczylas

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Meet Mateusz who, just like any other Dream Post child, likes receiving letters and postcards. Below you can find more information about Mateusz, which was provided by his mum.

Mateusz Skoczylas
Obrzębin 36
62-700 Turek

Child’s name:

Mateusz Skoczylas

Age / date of birth:

15 years old, born on 19th April 1997




Mateusz likes cars and loves watching car and motorbike movies and documentaries. He is also interested in wildlife. As most of the boys his age Mateusz likes computer games, especially the car racing ones.


Joanna and Andrzej.


Sisters: Beata, 18 years old, Aleksandra, 16 years old and Weronika: 13 years old. Beata likes singing and listening to music, Aleksandra is interested in photography and acting while Weronika is into music and computer games.

Our son Mateusz was born on 19th April 1997. He suffers from Haematolymphangioma located in his abdomen, pelvis, groin, buttocks and left thigh.

He is a very bright and intelligent boy but the illness makes his life very difficult. Mateusz’s Haematolymphangioma is pushing his bladder, bowels and a kidney to the right which affects the length and the size of his lower limbs.

When Mateusz was one year old he came down with pneumonia and that’s when his Haematolymphangioma was diagnosed. We were referred to the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital and Research Institute in Lodz but the doctors were helpless. We were then sent to the hospitals in Kalisz and Poznan but their doctors couldn’t help us either. In 2001 we were eventually referred to the Child Health Centre in Warsaw and we continued visiting them for consultations for 3 years. In 2004 we were referred to the oncology ward, where the doctors decided on chemotherapy. Starting on 13th September 2004 we had to visit the ward every month, for a year. We would go to Warsaw for 10 days, then come back home for 22 days, and then again back to Warsaw…The chemotherapy ended in September 2005. Sadly the CT scan showed no improvement…

Following that difficult experience we decided to start looking for help abroad and we found a hospital in Berlin, which gave us hope again. Mateusz underwent an operation in the German clinic and it turned out to be successful. He still needs a few more operations in order to remove his Haematolymphangioma completely.

I am really glad that my son was given a chance to be part of the Dream Post campaign. It’s an amazing thing, which makes the ill children happy but also makes us, parents smile when we see the kids’ joy. I can’t wait to see Mateusz’s smile when he receives his first letter. You’re amazing. uśmiech

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