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Mateusz is a seven-year-old boy with many hobbies. He is struggling with an incurable genetic disease called cystic fibrosis. According to Mateusz’s mother, cards and letters from the Dream Post work on ill children like an antidote, helping them to cope with the everyday hardships of arduous rehabilitation. Let’s make Mateusz feel this!

Mateusz Szostak
ul. Kasztanowa 16b/10
83-110 Tczew

Child’s name:

Mateusz Szostak

Age / date of birth:

7 years old, born on 22nd May 2006


Cystic fibrosis


He likes to listen when somebody’s reading books to him. He loves to play on his video game consoles and computer. He is interested in motorization and prehistoric dinosaurs. He loves to stroll.


Mum Magdalena.



Mateusz was born as a healthy, beautiful baby. From the very beginning, he often suffered from chronic airway inflammation, and other hard to diagnose diseases. Staying with him sometimes for all days and nights in hospitals, we noticed doctors’ concealed helplessness, which, as it turned out, delayed diagnosis of this terrible disease. He was spending more time in the hospital than at home. During one of the next doctor’s visits, for the first time we heard the words “cystic fibrosis” and suspicion of this disease in Mateusz’s case. After completing specialized medical examination, blood sampling for genetic testing, despite our prayers and hope, the study confirmed this terrible disease. It sounded to us like a verdict: Mateuszek is sick of the genetic, incurable, fatal disease – cystic fibrosis. It caused us a big pain and a feeling that is so difficult to describe. What we felt and what we’re still feeling now can be understood by somebody who experienced the same situation as us. After two months in hospital, Mateuszek returned home and since then every day we are fighting to extend his life, with the help of people with great hearts.

I think that Dream Post and its activity is often an antidote for various diseases. About Dream Post I heard a long time ago. Its popularity probably exceeded everybody’s expectations. Mateusz likes to receive letters and postcards which are addressed to him. I know how much pleasure it gives to him. That’s why I decided to sign him in the Dream Post – to see the joy on his beautiful face. Thank you for accepting my son. I’m both grateful and honored.

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