Ill childrenMonika Jadczak

Monica is 14 years old and she suffers from cerebral palsy. Her greatest passion is dancing. Monika has had the pleasure of receiving letters before, but only for a short moment. If you want to give her joy, please read the following information.

Monika Jadczak
ul. Sikorskiego 18/36
07-413 Ostrołęka

Child’s name:

Monika Jadczak


14 years old, born on 30th April 2000


Cerebral palsy


Dancing, stories, reading books. Favorite cartoon character: Angelina from “Dancing Angelina”. Favorite color: green.


Mum Dorota.



Monika was born a healthy baby. Within a month it became clear that something bad was happening to her. It turned out that Monika is anoxic and will have to undergo rehabilitation for her whole life.

Currently, she is under the care of an ophthalmologist, neurologist and cardiologist. In addition, once a week, she participates in rehabilitation activities.

Our daughter is 14 years old and she attends a special school. In addition, she has a lot of passions – she loves dancing, watching cartoons and reading books her own way. She also likes telling made up stories to her toys. She is a cheerful, open and sensitive child. Monika wants to overcome and conquer new areas of knowledge.

Once I wanted to add variety to her time and I asked her friends to throw letters to our mailbox. This pleased her very much, but it lasted only a moment. I have signed Monika up for “Dream Post”, because I know that it has made her happy before and I believe it will still be a great motivator for our daughter.

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