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Natalia is the youngest child on the Dream Post website. We hope that the letters sent to Natalia will support not only this little girl but the rest of her family as well. We are also hoping that the younger children will be glad that they can draw something for a girl of their age.

Natalia Dobska
ul. gen. Władysława Andersa 11a/2
64-920 Piła

Child’s name:

Natalia Dobska

Age / date of birth:

6 years old, born on 2nd July 2006


Hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy


Natalia likes watching cartoons and reading Winnie The Pooh books.


Mum Malgorzata.


Dominik, 9 years old. He likes BEN 10 figurines, Bakugan, Duel Masters cards, Math).

Natalia is a joyful little girl. She was a premature baby born 3 months early. She weighed 680 grams and was soon diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Palsy. Between 2nd July and 24th October 2006 Natalia had to stay in an incubator. She then also had to undergo a complicated bowel surgery.

In February 2007 Natalia had to undergo another operation, which turned out to be unsuccessful hence had to be repeated. She was also treated by laser therapy when she was just 3 months old. That saved her sight. On 17th October 2008 Natalia underwent another operation, this time to lengthen her left leg in order to allow Natalia to walk.

Currently Natalia goes for physiotherapy 3 times a week. We have to travel for this treatment to Poznan (200km round trip).

I am a single mother looking after 2 children and I have no one that I could share my problems with. I think that Dream Post is a great idea, because simple postcards with words of comfort and reassurance are an amazing support and make us believe that we will stay strong and that Natalia will eventually start walking.

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