Natalia Linowiecka

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We introduce to you Natalka – courious about the world, smilling little chatterbox. Below you will find information written by the girl’s mother. Feel invited to read it!

Natalia Linowiecka
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Child’s name:

Natalia Linowiecka

Age / date of birth:

9 years old, born on 26th June 2003


Myelomeningocele, neurogenic bladder, hydrocephalus, clubfoot.


Natalia likes handcrafting, painting and drawing. She also enjoys reading wildlife books.


Nina and Marek.


Kacper, 6 years old

Natalia was born on 26th June 2003 in the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital in Lodz. It was Dad who chose the name for our brave little girl. Natalia was operated a few hours after she was born (due to her Myelomeningocele) and then again in the eighth day of her life (to deal with her hydrocephalus). Soon after that specially-made casts were put onto her legs to sort Natalia’s clubfoot. The casts were initially changed weekly and then fortnightly until Natalia was 7 months old.

In the fourth week of her life our daughter was operated again (for hydrocephalus). Seven days after this operation we could eventually go come.

The first 18 months of Natalia’s life was mainly spent in hospitals. She underwent several operations and constant examinations of her urinary system. It turned out that Natalia had neurogenic bladder and needed to be catheterised every 3 hours due to numerous bladder infections.

After 3 years of constant physiotherapy Natalia eventually started walking. In the meantime we also had to deal with sight and laryngological problems. She still undergoes physiotherapy and we keep visiting various doctors. She tends to spend a lot of time at home as she is susceptible to infections. Natalia recently started school. She now walks independently (although it’s not easy). She is a smiley, talkative and curious little girl.

When I first read about Dream Post I thought that it would be great if Natalia could join the campaign. In the past she often was disappointed when the postman had letters only for her dad. Whenever she received correspondence she kept it and read it over and over again. Now I think that she will be smiling constantly and that’s what I would like to thank you for; for that joy you’re giving to the children, their parents but also to those people who like writing letters.

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