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For the fourth time Dream Post joined a girl named Natalia. This time it is Natalia Sidlo, smiling seven-year-old child, who attends kindergarten every day. When she comes home and she doesn’t have nobody to play with, she feels really lonely. I hope that thanks to You this little girl will soon find lots of new friends.

Natalia Sidło
ul. Brzechwy 20/15
49-305 Brzeg

Child’s name:

Natalia Sidło

Age / date of birth:

11 years old, born on 22nd February 2005


Down syndrome, hypothyroidism.


She loves composing puzzles, drawing, watching her favorite cartoons and reading little books with animals.


Joanna and Dariusz.


Sister Aneta, 23 years old.

Natalia is 7-years-old. She was born with Down syndrome. In the second day of her life she underwent a serious operation of overgrown duodenal in a Wrocław’s Clinic. My daughter has a hypothyroidism, due to lower immunity she is very often ill, which means that we have had to stay several times in hospital. First year of Natalia’s life is a constant visit at doctors’ cabinets and intensive rehabilitation. Currently she attends the kindergarten, which she loves, as she can meet children there. Her disease causes that Natalia feels very lonely and that she is condemned to play only with her parents and sister when she cannot attend kindergarten.

Information about Dream Post I found accidentally and I decided to submit my daughter. I am sure she will be very pleased to receive your posts. I would like to thank the organizers of Dream Post and the people for everything you’re giving to our ill children.

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