The biggest “troublemaker” among all The Dream Post children: of course in the most positive meaning of this word! Meet Natan!

Natanael Witczak
ul. Armii Ludowej 75B/3
87-100 Toruń

Child’s name:

Natanael Witczak

Age / date of birth:

14 years old, born on 26th November 2001


Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, gastroesophageal reflux disease, digestive disorders.


Like other little boys Natanael likes Lego. He also enjoys swimming and aerobatic exercise.


Zaneta and Krystian.


Planned. uśmiech

When you first meet Natanael you can’t tell that he is so seriously ill. Unfortunately he suffers from the Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, which is a genetic disorder leading to emphysema and liver failure. It can also lead to liver, lungs or pancreatic cancer. Very often, Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency comes with other accompanying illnesses. In Natan’s case it’s the gastroesophageal reflux disease (his is at 15.9% level), digestive disorders and pruritus (itchy skin).

All this means that our little boy has to take lots of tablets and undergo many treatments in order to be in the best possible shape until someone finds cure for his illness. We really believe that one day it will happen and the only thing we can do for now is trying to make sure that the diseases don’t damage Natan’s internal organs too much.

To wszystko sprawia, że mój mały, ruchliwy smyk musi przyjmować masę leków, poddawać się wielu zabiegom aby w jak najlepszej formie doczekać chwili, kiedy jakiś mądry człowiek znajdzie lekarstwo na tę chorobę (bo naprawdę bardzo w to wierzymy iż ktoś taki się znajdzie) .Niestety na dzień dzisiejszy jesteśmy bezsilni i jedynie co możemy zrobić to niedopuszczać aby choroba niszczyła narządy wewnętrzne naszego smyka zbyt szybko.

It’s really nice when children receive correspondence. Now, that Natan is older he keeps going back to reading the letter he received from the Duvet Aunties* who made the “one smile duvet” for him. Campaigns such as Dream Mail give strength not only to the children but also to their parents.

* A charity campaign whereby women make duvets/blankets for ill babies.