7-year-old Nikola is a patient at the Lodz Children Hospice who struggles with an incurable disease which is spinal muscular atrophy. Her parents believe that Marzycielska Poczta will allow her for making many friends. The girl feels lonely; she spends most of the time at home, so your letters will add some variety to her daily routine.

Nikola Kabat
ul. Nawrot 96a/3
90-040 Łódź

Child’s name:

Nikola Kabat

Age / date of birth:

7 years old, born on 1st March 2006


Spinal muscular atrophy


Nikola is interested in the World of Princesses – her favorite fairy tale is the Sleeping Beauty. She likes pink and dreams of a big group of friends.


Sylwia and Sebastian.


Brother Kacper.

Seven-year-old Nikola is a very brave girl who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy SMA1b. It is a genetically determined disease caused by a fetal damage to the anterior horns of the spinal cord.

Our daughter is a patient of the Lodz Hospice for children and adults. She does not understand yet the fact that she is sick and she does not realize that she will probably depend on the care of her family, and in her adult life, probably on the care of other people. Certainly, however, she feels that she is weaker than their peers that not everything is as it should be.

Nikola cannot be cured. She cannot walk on her own feet as for now. We can only do a lot to alleviate her suffering, and make her at least a little independent and safe. She requires intensive rehabilitation, which supports her development and protects the efficiency of her respiratory system.

Our daughter is a very lonely girl who spends most of her time at home because of frequent infections. She misses talking and playing with other children, loves company and attention during fun time. Her world is fairy-books. Every day we look at our daughter, we are very proud of her and we are glad that she is so brave and happy after all.

We were delighted hearing that she has been accepted to Dream Post. We hope that this will allow her for gaining a lot of friends, which now, in these difficult times of struggle with the disease is very important.