Oliwia Frost

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Meet twelve-year-old Oliwia, who is fighting with a brain tumor from February 2010. Because of the health condition, this little girl is taught individually, so your letters will certainly make her everyday time pleasant. You will find below all the necessary information about her.

Oliwia Frost
ul. Osiedlowa 5a/3
72-123 Kliniska Wielkie

Child’s name:

Oliwia Frost

Age / date of birth:

14 years old, born on 17th May 2000


Brain tumor and of the optic nerves intersection, optic nerve atrophy, hydrocephalus.


Cooking, logic games, puzzles, singing. Favorite cartoon and film characters: Dylan and Cole, Spouse, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Starling Knight. Favorite color: purple.


Agata and Grzegorz.


12-year-old Julia (loves computer games, music, singing), 15-year-old Patrycja (music, playing guitar, psychology).

Olivia’s eye sight has been worsening over last two years. She was treated for myopia. Unfortunately, in February this year doctors found that the cause is a disappearance of optic nerves caused by a brain tumor (pilocytic astrocytoma), including the intersection of optic nerves. At the end of February and March Oliwia underwent three neurosurgical operations. During the first two doctors partially removed the tumor, during the third one doctors implanted ventriculoperitoneal shunt as a tumor caused hydrocephalus.

One month after surgeries the tumor grew back. It was decided to treat Oliwia with chemotherapy. She cannot see almost nothing out of right eye (color-blind, sees only the contours of objects), sees little out of left eye. At the beginning of September 2010 Oliwia completed 6-weeks radiation therapy (30 radiations). In front of her there is still one more year of maintenance chemotherapy.

Because of the health condition Oliwia need to be taught individually. Although the disease, she has a high motivation to learn. She’s trying to overcome all the difficulties. She would love to come back to school and her friends. Oliwia is interested in cooking, she loves to help in the kitchen preparing different dishes. She likes to play logic games and puzzles. She is very fond of Hannah Montana TV series, Jonas and Wizards of Wawerly Place.

Because Oliwia’s learning at home, she is at school only occasionally, she longs for contacts with her friends. Oliwia hopes that thanks to Dream Post she will meet new friends who she can contact even at home, while writing letters and postcards. Waiting for a postman will diversify her everyday life..

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