Oliwia Mela


Meet Olivia, the amazing 4 years old magpie! The girl suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. Because of the disability Oliwia is sometimes repelled by other children. This is why your good words will bring an invaluable support to her!

Oliwia Mela
ul. Moniuszki 3/31
47-100 Strzelce Opolskie

Child’s name:

Oliwia Mela


4 years old, born on 21st January 2010


Quadriplegic cerebral palsy


Oliwia likes books and integration cartoons as Dora, Dr. Dosia, Diego. She loves to play with beading, attach all sorts of stickers, which she decorates her wheelchair with. She is an amazingly talkative child!


Marzena and Marek


Kasia, Maciej

Oliwia is a 4-year-old girl, who is diagnosed with child quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Intellectually she develops as her healthy peers. She is in a wheelchair – she doesn’t walk, feels no stability, she is unable to lift herself up from laying to sitting position. Oliwia underwent two operations, but they gave no results. It has been already three years since she started to fight for her dream: to make her first step. She is very brave, despite the pain she exercises in rehabilitation class with verve, tries to execute rehabilitation commands as good as she can, sometimes with tears in her eyes. Olivia is a kid that always is smiling, she is very positive about the outside world. She is also an unbelievably talkative girl.

Oliwia loves life and people, but due to illness she feels sometimes repelled. I would like to save her from these unpleasant experiences. I know that the Dream Post will make her believe that there are good people and that, despite all difficulties, there are no barriers and obstacles for her.

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