Oliwier Przybek

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Over a year ago, Oliwier was diagnosed with one of the most malignant cancers in children. The boy spent nearly eight months at the clinic which limited his contact with healthy peers. According to his parents, a friendship through correspondence would be an ideal therapy and an incredible pleasure for Oliwier.

Oliwier Przybek
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Child’s name:

Oliwier Przybek

Age / date of birth:

6 years old, born on 11th January 2007




Oliwier likes all sorts of board games and speech therapy games. He loves playing with toy cars, building block garages, car parks and he is an expert in cars.


Adrianna and Remigiusz.



Oliwier is 5 years old. In August 2010, he was diagnosed with one of the most malignant tumors in children – neuroblastoma with metastases to lymph nodes and bone marrow.

While making the diagnosis the doctors told us that there was 10% chance that our son would live. Oliver spent almost 8 months at the clinic and he underwent severe chemotherapy and a surgery to partly remove the tumor – November 2010, autotransplant of bone marrow – December 2010, and radiation in April this year. At present, he has completed six cycles of maintenance chemotherapy in tablets and the treatment in Poland is over. After many trials and great support of Ludzie Serca, we managed to make contact with the Clinic in Greifsland (Germany), where professor Lade has proposed to continue the treatment. The method used in the German Clinic increases the chances for Oliwier’s survival, and we as parents have the duty to fight for the life of our only child.

We sign up our son for the Dream Post, because we care about the happiness and joy, and above all, the smile of our baby. Due to the illness, Oliver has a limited contact with their peers, so a letter form of friendship would be an ideal solution and incredible pleasure (surprise) for our son.

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