Patrrycja struggles with cerebral palsy. She rehabilitates from the third month of her life. Her everyday life is filled with enhancing exercises. Although Patrycja does not speak and move, she longs for friends and games. We believe that with your help her world will become a more interesting and colorful place.

Patrycja Ostaszewska
ul. Wojska Polskiego 23b/3
11-210 Sępopol

Child’s name:

Patrycja Ostaszewska


7 years old, born on 19th February 2006


Quadriplegia muscle tension, cerebral palsy


Patrycja enjoys when someone reads letters or books to her. She likes to watch cartoons.


Aneta and Zbigniew.



Patrycja was born on 19th February 2006. She suffers from cerebral palsy and quadriplegia muscular tension. Since she was three months old she continues her rehabilitation in the hospital in Bartoszyce, but also at home. In addition, we travel to Zabajka and Ameryka near the city of Olsztyn, where she undergoes rehabilitation periods. Although this is a tedious and hard work, with small steps we go forward.

Despite the fact that Patricia is not able to sit and talk and her hands slightly grab items, we see the results of the rehabilitation. Long-term therapy gives our daughter a chance to improve her health, but it is effective when it is done regularly. To improve her health condition, Patricia requires constant care and visits in specialist clinics. Although she spends so much time on exercising and therapies, she remains an ordinary kid who likes to have fun with the others. She loves when we read to her, she is gladly helping us in the household chores. She is a cheerful, happy girl, and a smile never leaves her face.

I am impressed that there is such a project as the Dream Post. Thanks to you, ill children can receive letters from the other children. It is certainly uplifting and gives strength in the struggle for health.