Patryk really needs your help! He struggles to accept that he is different than other children his age. Patryk’s mum admits that even psychological help has proven unsuccessful. So far no one has been able to help Patryk. Let’s hope that your letters will do the trick. Below you can find more information about Patryk, which was provided by his mum.

Patryk Hetmański
ul. Różana 8
05-310 Kałuszyn

Child’s name:

Patryk Hetmański

Age / date of birth:

13 years old, born on 31st December 2000


Cytomegalovirus, Cystic Fibrosis, Sinus Polyps, Hepatitis


Patryk is a very special little boy. He loves taking pictures and dreams of his own camera. He also loves football and collects anything football related. Moreover Patryk plays snare drum and loves reading letters!


Katarzyna and Tomasz.


Iga – 9 years old, Maksio – 4 years old

When Patryk was born he was considered healthy and obtained a perfect Apgar score of 10. Unfortunately in the first month of his life he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. He was admitted to Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw where they also diagnosed him with pneumonia, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis and malnutrition. So far Patryk has been hospitalised 23 times but in spite of this he’s trying to lead a normal life and enjoy every moment of it. Patryk is currently in Year 2. He loves his classmates and the school however he’s often absent due to his health issues. Sometimes Patryk feels down and that’s when he needs friends and their comforting words. He needs you!

Every day Patryk spends 5 hours in physiotherapy but he still manages to be a bubbly, sometimes even a cheeky boy. He has to take lots of tablets and undergo various treatments in order to make sure that he’s in a good condition until someone finds remedy for his illnesses. Currently science is helpless.

Sometimes Patryk finds it difficult to accept his disease. It’s not easy to explain to a child that he can’t play football or go to a snare drum class because he needs to have his inhalations. There are days when Patryk is okay with it but sometimes he just gives up and doesn’t want to undergo any treatment.

I believe that you my dear friends will help Patryk understand that he needs to take his medication as well as undergo inhalations and physiotherapy. We have seen many psychologists so far but none of them was able to help Patryk. You are our hope!

We are so happy that Patryk can take part in this campaign. It’s especially important now as he’s going through a difficult time and struggles to accept that he’s different than other children and has to undergo treatment and take tablets instead of playing football or computer games. Thank god for Dream Post, an amazing campaign giving us hope. I am sure that even if Patryk receives just one letter he will be extremely happy and will keep it under the pillow as his greatest treasure. I would like to thank the founders of Dream Post as well as all future friends of our son.