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Eleven-year-old Szymek is a staunch supporter of Polish sport’s teams. What’s more, he loves dancing, watching cartoons, and -as all the other children from Marzycielska Poczta- he admires looking inside his letterbox. Want to know more? Look into his profile. Enjoy your reading.

Szymon Gromada
ul. Kosmonautów 7/76
47-220 Kędzierzyn-Koźle

Child’s name:

Szymon Gromada

Age / date of birth:

11 years, born on 24th October 2003


Down syndrome, congenital muscular flaccidity and hypothyroidism.


A staunch supporter of Polish teams, he loves to listen to fairy tales, likes dancing. His favorite cartoon character is Scooby – Doo and Clifford.


Tatiana and Andrzej.


Sister Sandra, 21 years old.

Szymon was born with a genetic defect – Down syndrome. He has congenital muscular flaccidity – therefore he cannot just walk a lot because it hurts his feet. With help comes his father, who carries him a piggy-back. In addition he has a congenital hypothyroidism. He requires constant logopedic and psychomotor rehabilitation.

Szymon is a very lively child and he requires continued care of his parents and older sister. He attends kindergarten. He has problems with speaking and finds it hard to interact properly with children while playing. It causes that children often rejects him, and then he feels very lonely and angry. He is a staunch supporter of Polish sports teams (football, volleyball, handball), also a huge fan of famous polish ski-jumper Adam Malysz and F1 driver Robert Kubica.

Enjoys when he manages to do something that others appreciate (beating him applause.) It is a very sensitive child, he feels touched while seeing someone’s pain. In his life he is condemned to presence of his parents, sister and maybe somebody else…

I am so happy for accepting Szymon among children from Dream Post. I think that letters and postcards that he will be receiving can stop the feeling of loneliness inside him and give him lots of friends.

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Tania mama Szymusia
6 lat temu

Thank’s Miss Yang for post card. Greet Szymon and family 😀 😀

Tania mama Szymusia
5 lat temu

Thank’s Bala 🙂
Best regards 🙂
+799 218 788

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