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Tobiasz is eight years old and dreams of becoming a paleontologist. Exactly on his third birthday he was diagnosed with leukemia. The sickness isolated him from his friends. To make things worse, complications after treatment and decreased immunity does not allow the boy to return to his friends and games. This is why he really needs “mail friends”. We are sure, that your letters will brighten his everyday life!

Tobiasz Nowicki
ul. Gliniana 22
20-620 Lublin

Child’s name:

Tobiasz Nowicki


8 years old, born on 10th November 2005


ALL-Acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Dinosaurs -Tobiasz wants to be a paleontologist in the future. He also loves Lego, especially Ninjago series, Star Wars and, of course, Dino. He is interested in prehistory, history, castles, knights, dragons. He likes to read. He enjoys drawing, sticking and experimenting. He is learning to play the guitar.


Justyna and Dariusz.


Brother Nataniel, 5 years old: he likes cars, board games, blocks, rails, plastic arts.

Tobiasz was born as a healthy, wonderful boy. His body was developing perfectly and two months before the diagnosis he became an older brother. Unfortunately, on the exact date of his third birthday we heard the diagnosis-acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The world our whole family stood on its head. First was nine long months of difficult hospital treatment and then maintenance therapy, reduced immunity and constant struggle with complications after chemotherapy.

Tobiasz went over a two-year cycle of chemotherapy in total. He had struggled with damage of the liver, undergone numerous and severe infections, had a drug-induced osteoporosis with fractures, and his thyroid is still not working as it should, but Tobiasz is bravely sipping pills.

Our son is under hospital care of the Department of Hematology and Oncology in Lublin. Despite being isolated from his peers Tobiasz is a cheerful and is curious about the world. With all his strength he desires to be healthy, to live like other children and to fulfill his dreams.

We believe that Dream Post will brighten our son’s life and each letter will trigger a big smile on his face. It’s a great initiative!

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