Tomek Szynkaruk

Even though he is only six years old, little Tomek already knows how to fight bravely with leukemia. At the age of two he underwent more than two-year cycle of chemotherapy in oncology clinic. Unfortunately the disease resulted in retardation and the boy needs permanent rehabilitation. Tomek needs to hear words of support, which will motivate him to fight on – are you willing to help?

Tomek Szynkaruk
ul. Krynicka 37/14
50-555 Wrocław

Child’s name:

Tomek Szynkaruk


7years old, born on 2nd April 2006


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Tom loves trains and in the future wants to be a driver. He enjoys video games, drawing, trips out of town and playing with his friends


Julita and Mirosław.


Maciej – brother (26)

Tomek was born with cerebral hypoxia and required early rehabilitation supporting psychomotor development. At the age of two he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We were praying to All Saints family and Tom suddenly stopped breathing, he got a rash, doctors from the ambulance had to revive him. Son went over a two-year cycle of chemotherapy. The treatment ran with a number of problems due to frequent infections and problems with the liver. Tomek’s disease and healing process has caused a retardation. Son is under care of rehabilitation clinic, where he is assisted by a speech therapist, psychologist, counselor. He attends occupational therapy, sensory and physiotherapy. All of these activities support the development of Tomek. Because of the disease our son is under the care of the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology in Wroclaw.

I think that Dream Post is a great idea. Receiving letters from others help children to fight against the disease and forget about loneliness.

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