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Tomek Wilewski

Meet Tomek, a boy who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a very serious and incurable disease. For a long time we couldn’t decide which picture to use for his Dream Post profile, as in all pictures sent by his Mum, Tomek has an amazing and unique smile. Check it out! Below you can find more information about Patryk, which was provided by his mum.

Tomek Wilewski
oś. Jana Pawła II 12
82-440 Dzierzgoń

Child’s name:

Tomek Wilewski

Age / date of birth:

13 years old, born on 3rd September 1999.


Duchenne muscular dystrophy, underactive thyroid, walking difficulties, vision impairment, and speech impairment. Tomek is cared for by a neurologist, cardiologist, physiotherapist and a pulmonologist.


Tomek likes Lego. He loves swimming and other physical activities as well as reading books. Tomek also likes travelling and taking photos. He dreams of his own camera. As other boys his age Tomek likes his computer games.


Zosia and Zbigniew.


Sister Monika – 12 years old, Brother Darek – 7 years old. Monika likes drawing, painting and embroidering by hand while Darek likes Lego and cars.

When you first meet Tomek you probably can’t tell that he’s so seriously ill. Unfortunately muscular dystrophy leads to muscle degeneration and eventually to loss of ambulation. The disease affects not only Tomek’s limbs but also his internal organs (heart, lungs). Duchenne muscular dystrophy is caused by a mutation of the dystrophin gene, which leads to a protein production disorder.

Tomek’s treatment is mainly based on physiotherapy, which prevents muscle contractures and helps with breathing difficulties. Tomek takes lots of tablets including steroids, such as Encorton, which are meant to reduce inflammation and stop the muscle tissue damage. I believe that one day someone finds treatment for this disease. In the meantime I have to try and make sure that Tomek is in good health as long as possible.

It’s really nice when children receive letters from all over the world. It’s a great campaign, which gives hope and support to both children and their parents. My son really likes receiving letters. I want to thank the founders of Dream Post and all pen friends. You are great.

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