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Let me introduce you to Wiktoria, who has prepared her profile on Dream Post with a small help of her mother. This little girl has a lot of dreams but most in the world she wants to be healthy and live normal live like all her friends. If you want to send a letter to this brave 9-year-old child, necessarily visit her profile.

Wiktoria Konowada
ul. Szpitalna 22/6
09-200 Sierpc

Child’s name:

Wiktoria Konowada

Age / date of birth:

10 years old, born on 22nd May 2001


Cystic fibrosis


Music, singing and dancing. I love animals, especially my cat Don. I was flying already with birds in the sky, but now my dream is to swim with dolphins. I would like to have lots of animals, but I want more just to be healthy. My favorite cartoon character is Hannah Montana. Favorite color: turquoise.


Anna and Robert.



My name is Wiktoria Konwada. I am 9 – year – old and I’m attending second class of primary school. I was born with a genetic disease – cystic fibrosis. This disease is incurable, because there is no miraculous medicine for it yet.

I need to take care of my lungs, so three times a day I inhale and then 20 minutes I drain the lungs to purify them from mucus. Each rehabilitation takes at least 40 minutes. To each meal I have to swallow digestive enzymes, because my belly will not digest normally what I am eating.

My parents are saying to me that I need to be brave, it’s all for my own good, but I would prefer at this all time to play with other children.

I love to ride a bike, swim, draw and play with friends. My favorite toy is Diddl. I have dreams like any other child. Mom says that if you are dreaming so much about something, it will surely come true. My dream is to become healthy, not to have Cystic Fibrosis, not to inhale and stop the lungs’ drain. I desire so much to live a normal life like my friends.

When Wiktoria found out about Marzycielska Poczta she said a short but very enthusiastic sentence: “I love to receive letters!!!!”

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